National Network

Joining the Honoring Choices National Network allows states to support one another as advance
care planning programs are developed.  Members of the network have access to resources and
take part in regular communication opportunities to give updates and describe growth and
development, ask questions, and share ideas and materials in mutually beneficial ways.

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National Network Member Organizations

“Everyone in the National Network is here because of a strong desire to provide the best care to and develop strong systems around ACP for people in our communities.

There is a tremendous sense of being connected to others who share this passion, are willing to share knowledge and experiences, and create unity in a collaborative environment. This contributes to a feeling of confidence and excitement when working to spread this message.”

~ Jamie Buller
Honoring Choices Florida

“Honoring Choices Minnesota was invaluable in helping us get established and in supporting our broad mission to help every adult in Massachusetts make a health care plan for get the best possible person-centered care at every phase of health.

Their unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement has been instrumental to our success. Our Massachusetts residents are thrilled to connect with the growing HC network for their loved ones living out of state.”

~ Ellen M. DiPaola
Honoring Choices Massachusetts